Rayna Jewelry Boutique was founded by Runal Sakla-Nadgauda in 2013 in St. Louis, MO and moved to New Jersey in 2018. This independently BIPOC women-owned company features sustainable chic, modern and traditional jewelry designs blending styles of the east and west. We work with customers across the globe by taking appointments in person, and by phone or video. Conveniently shop our collections online.

Our custom designed jewelry pieces made with gold or silver with authentic precious and semi-precious stones are sure to captivate your imagination. Designed to your specifications we create engagement rings, bridal jewelry, a gift to commemorate a special occasion, birthstone, name necklace, engraving and more! Diamonds are forever to give an eternal gift.

Our fine jewelry collection is made with 14k-22k solid gold or silver with authentic precious and semi-precious stones. Luxury style perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.

Our designer jewelry collection is ready for purchase in silver or gold plated styles with precious and semi-precious stones including Cubic Zirconia and Kundan. We have no doubt that you will have as much fun wearing and flaunting our collection, as we have designing it.

Our sports jewelry collection is a brand new line of products for all those passionate sports fans. The concept, a brainchild of the founder’s oldest son, Anay, seeks to blend the world of sports with the world of jewelry. Made with sterling silver (925 certified) with three finishes, gold, silver and rose gold, these designs are sure to leave you charmed!