Ultimate Guide To Women’s Wedding Bands

We’re all for non-conventional, however, most women choose to wear both an engagement ring AND wedding band. This is known as a “bridal set” in the jewelry industry.

Some jewelry stores sell complete, coordinating bridal sets. But, you can always choose to build your own ring set with a traditional women’s wedding band OR go bold with an alternative women’s wedding band inlaid with a unique material, such as meteorite or an exotic hardwood.

Read on to learn more about design options, common ring elements and to get some women’s wedding band design inspiration.


The options for women’s wedding bands are endless and no matter what your style, you can find or custom create your perfect band. Generally speaking bands are either straight or curved, but the features beyond that can vary from all-metal to multi-stone and inlaid.


Straight bands are aptly named for their symmetrical, circular shapes and are commonly worn alone or paired with an engagement ring, depending on the engagement ring design.

In some cases, the shape of the engagement ring or its stone setting will prevent the two rings from being worn closely side-by-side and this “gapping” is illustrated below.

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