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Summer Jewelry Trend – Beaded Necklaces

Summer Jewelry Trend

Beaded Necklaces

Racks in every store is filling with beaded necklace styles.  Chic mixed beads and pearl necklaces are massively popular.

But why shop the same style thousands of others have ?  Shop our unique one of a kind handmade beaded necklaces, many with matching earrings!

From a Women Owned Small Business.

It’s time to renew your accessories repertoire with a pop of color and excitement because there is no room for drab styles this season.

Rayna Jewelry Boutique has a wide array of beaded necklace styles that are hand made with the finest quality. Featuring genuine gemstones like Agate, Citrine and Fresh Water Pearls. We have a beaded necklace for every occasion and style. Perfect for summer soiree or back to the office attire.

Shop Our Styles


Popular Pastel

Mint Green & Hem




Versatile Vibrancy

Pearl, Green and Yellow Agate


Whimsical Wear-anywhere

Orange Agate and Carnelian


Stunning Statement

Turquoise, Druzy, Pearl, and Agate



Strikingly Stylish

Blue Agate and Pearl

Flirty Floral

Rose Gold, Teal Agate, and Pearl


Trendy Tassel

Purple Agate


Smoky Sophistication

Grey Agate and Tahitian Pearl


Classy Chic

Black & White Pendent Necklace


Effortless Elegance

Black Agate and Pearl




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