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Why is the peacock a popular motif in jewelry?

This striking bird is the national bird of India. Often a peacock feather is kept in households for prosperity and luck. These birds are worshipped in Hindu and Buddhist religions. No wonder this beauty is frequently seen on Indian jewelry.

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Looking deeper at the symbolic meaning of the peacocks, as this bird holds many representations including good luck, honor, integrity, rejuvenation, royalty, and wealth. Peacocks are one of the best-known and most beautiful birds in the world.

They are also known to symbolize beauty and love

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The peacock has a rich history in art and jewelry through many cultures. Specifically, during the 15th century In India for kings the peacock was a beloved motif. This symbol was adorned on prestigious jewelry, clothes, and art. The artist Raja Ravi Verma often depicted peacocks in his paintings with such works as Kartikeya seated on a peacock.

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From a religious perspective in Hinduism and Buddhism, these birds are sacred and worshipped alongside their deities. In Hindu mythology many stories include peacocks. Including the creation of peacocks is attributed to Lord Vishnu, who used a feather of a Garuda, a bird he used as his vehicle, to create a peacock. In a battle between the asura Ravana and Lord Indra, a peacock opened its feathers for Indra to hide behind and wage a war. Indra defeated the asura and in gratitude to the bird made its long feathers iridescent. Lord Karthikeya/ Murugan uses peacock as His means of passage. Goddess Kaumari, another form of Shakti also rides a peacock.  Lord Krishna wears a peacock feather on His crown. Hindus also associate the peacock with the deity Lakshmi, who represents compassion and good luck.

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Due to the peacock historical and religious tradition it is widely popular jewelry motif. Jewelry is meant to enhance one’s beauty, no wonder this this auspicious and beautiful bird is embraced. Wearers of peacock jewelry exclude elegance, giving an impression of wealth, power, and status.

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