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Mangal Sutra

What is a Mangal Sutra?

Mangal Sutra a piece of jewelry that is a symbol of marriage, the wife is meant to wear it all her life indicating the love and commitment the husband and wife have towards each other.

The term Mangal Sutra is a combination of two words mangal and sutra. The word mangal means auspicious and sutra means thread – together Mangal Sutra means an auspicious thread uniting the souls.


Who wears a Mangal Sutra?

Married Hindu South East Asian women observe the custom of wearing a Manga Sutra throughout their lifetime and it is believed to enhance the well-being of her husband and family.


When is it worn?

Is to be worn every day, and superstition believes it to be bad luck to remove.

For wearing daily, it is important to pick a practical style.


When is a Mangal Sutra given or received?

The groom ties the auspicious thread around the bride’s neck on the day of their holy nuptial as significance that their relationship would be as auspicious as the thread. South Indians believe that the Mangal sutra needs to be tied in 3 knots with each knot carrying a significance The first knot represents her obedience her husband, the second knot signifies her commitment to the husband’s parents

and the third knot represents the respect for the God


Significance of jewelry in a marriage

All marriages involve some form ornament that symbolizes marriage. This ornament can be a wedding ring, chain, nose piece, bangles ect… Mangal Sutra is an ornament that symbolizes marriage and is an Indian wedding chain. The Mangal sutra is one of the 5 things that a woman wears along with the other signs of marital status including toe rings, kumkum, bangles, and a nose ring.


Mangal Sutra an Indicator of marital status

Mangal Sutra is an ornament that a groom places around the bride’s neck at the time of a Hindu marriage ceremony. This necklace signifies the marital status of the woman, and it holds great importance in the Hindu culture. The Mangal sutra is the symbol of the bond of union between Shiva (husband) and Shakti (wife). Basically, it’s an inseparable bond between the husband and the wife.

Did you know Mangal Sutra improves health?

While most people associate with a religious Hindu culture wearing of a Mangal Sutra is also known by Ayurveda – the ancient Indian science to improve health.  Mangal Sutra is usually a black beaded chain in the thin wire of gold. The gold wire and black beads are supposed to destroy the distressing vibrations. By the black beads absorbing the negative energy before they can reach the bride and her family. Essentially the Mangal Sutra acts as a protective sheath around a woman’s body and protects the marriage from any evil.

History of Mangal Sutra

Mangal Sutra or “mangalsutram” evolved from a Sanskrit term ‘mangal’ means prosperous, blessed, happy, successful and ‘sutram’ meaning cord. Ideally, a Mangal Sutra is made of 108 (an auspicious number) fine cotton threads twisted together and dyed yellow in saffron or turmeric. On the thread, a gold thali is strung in the center.  

During the wedding ceremony, the priest recites mantras (chants) when the groom ties the Mangal Sutra around the bride’s neck, securing it with three knots.  This act of tying a Mangal sutra signifies the groom and the bride are united and have a responsibility of taking care of each other. The Mangal Sutra is regarded as an auspicious amulet and the bride herself is said to be auspicious (sumangala). By wearing the Mangal Sutra, the bride is said to become immune to the evil eye. By extension, anyone who sees her is automatically granted good luck.  

Mangala is also the name of the planet Mars, whose color is red, same as the auspicious garment color worn by Hindu brides. Because of this association, it’s common to use coral gem (manga) that is sacred to Mars.


How to wear a Mangal Sutra

“Wearing a Mangal Sutra anywhere but around the neck is disrespectful to Indian culture..” Acharya Manoj, a Delhi-based pandit Says

Can an unmarried women wear a Mangal Sutra?

It is a tradition that it is worn by married women. A mangal sutra without marriage is not forbidden if you want to wear it as accessory. Many have been donning Mangal Sutra due to the increase in this jewelry style seen in pop culture.


Can you wear someone else’s Mangal Sutra?

It is said that a married woman should never wear another woman’s Mangal Sutra

 and if she asks for another woman’s Mangal Sutra, it reduces the age of the woman’s husband and embraces death soon.


What does it mean if a Mangal Sutra breaks?  

If a Mangal Sutra breaks some people believe it’s bad luck. Many reasons can cause breaking like wearing it at nighttime, handling it aggressively or if the piece is not made properly and could be not the result of evil eye or bad luck. As the Mangal Sutra is there to protect you from evil. Once fixed You could ask your husband to put it on you if you want reassurance.

About Mangal Sutra styles


Black Beads

In a typical Mangal Sutra there are two strings of black beaded chain The sacred thread is incomplete without these beads and according to Hindu dharma, they represent a union of Shiva and Shakti. These black glass beads also known as kala pota Is said to repel the evil eye.

Amount of beads

Traditionally, there are 9 beads in a Mangal Sutra which represent the 9 different forms of energies. These energies protect the wife and husband from any evil energies. These beads are also known to have the power of all the elements – air, water, earth, and fire. These 4 elements help in keeping the relationship between the man and the woman strong.


According to astrology, gold reduces the effects of Guru Ghar. Therefore, happiness and prosperity remain in married life.

It is said that gold should be necessary for The Mangal Sutra.


Diamonds are usually considered auspicious for married life and seen in many Mangal Sutra styles.


The chain length of a Mangal Sutra traditionally was long enough to reach the bride’s Heart Chakra ( Anahata Chakra)  An ideal chain length should be at least 24-30 inches long.


Is the traditional ornament pendent and comes in a variety of styles.


Small gold cup pendants are known as vatis. A Mangal sutra can either have one single vati or two vatis. The vatis face the heart Chakra.  The vati typically does not design on its surface because it is believed that the positive vibrations will be obstructed due to any additional design. For the even higher level of positive vibrations, two spherical gold beads are placed between the vatis. A flower pattern at the top of each vati is for attracting positivity in term of material possessions.

Types of mangal Sutra

The name and style of a mangal sutra change depending on the community and caste.  In South India It is usually called a Thaali or Thirumangalyam, and it has a long yellow thread and a gold pendant representing the Goddess Supreme. In North Indian the version of a mangal sutra usually has a black beads chain and a gold pendent (Tanmaniya) that comes in a variety of designs.

How to pick a mangal Sutra style?

A typical mangal Sutra has two strings of black beads and a pendant. They can be simple or extravagant, usually befitting the style of the wearer.

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