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Custom Jewelry and The Design Process

 1. Start with an idea 

Whether you have a complete design in mind or a concept you need help to come to fruition. You can show us pictures of similar styles, you can let us know you want your birthstone in a tear drop earring etc. When you consult with us, we take your idea and guide you to the perfect design!

 2. Sketch 

Once we have the design solidified, we start the designing process with a hand drawn or digital sketch.

3. CAD Design

After approval of sketches, we start a computer aided design also known as a CAD. The photo-realistic image is altered to perfection to meet your expectations before the next step.

4. Gemstone Selection

We will provide our exceptional quality hand-selected gemstones for you.

We also can use stones you may have from other jewelry pieces.

Depending on your piece we will start either one of these processes.

5. Fabrication

A jeweler will use various metal-smithing tools and a soldering torch to form metal into its desired shape.  This is an intensive process and poses some design limitations.


 6. lost wax and casting jewelry process

This process of making jewelry involves a wax model. Where the jewelry is sculpted out of wax, then is put into a mold made of plaster. The plaster mold is heated and in turn the wax melts out.  This creates a mold for molten silver or gold to be poured into. Once the metal has been set the plaster is broken away revealing the jewelry made.

7. Setting stones

Once the metal component of jewelry is created, setter will use specialized tools to insert diamonds or gemstones in setting. Then ensure gemstones are secured in jewelry.

8. Polishing

The jewelry piece is given a final polish eliminating any possible minor scratches remaining.  The Jewelry will also be cleaned, removing any oils or residue from the polishing compounds used.

Benefits of Custom Jewelry Design

Unique one-of-a-kind gemstones of your choice jewelry made to desired shape and measurements. As well as styled perfectly for you or your loved one. When choosing a custom design, you have the option to engrave a special message, dates, or initials onto the jewelry.

Custom Jewelry Design Options

Jewelry metal of 18 or 22kt yellow gold, 18 or 22 kt white gold, or 925 sterling silver.

Gemstones that can be used but not limited to Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Pearl, Citrine, Topaz, Aqua Marine, Garnet, Amethyst.

What Jewelry Can be Custom Designed

Jewelry pieces such as rings, earrings, necklace, nose ring, bracelet, or jewelry sets.

When to Get Custom Designed Jewelry





Memory (For loss loved ones)

Commemorate a special occasion

How Long Does it Take?

Each piece is unique and could take more or less time although typically custom design takes 4-6 weeks.

Ready for Custom Design Jewelry?

Even if you do not know exactly what you want.

Consult with us today!

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